Brooke’s Story: He Just Doesn’t Get It

Brooke’s Story: He Just Doesn’t Get It

Well, I am back. And I am disappointed. No, it’s not the usual disappointment on a Sunday afternoon, where my college team has let me down yet again. This is more serious.

The link above shows a touching testimonial about a woman who’s brother died while serving his (and her!) Country. At the time he died, he was looking for weapons of mass destruction. Weapons that they point out Bush was “confident” existed. Now let me point out, they are weapons that Kerry, and Clinton(s), and Kennedy, and many others also thought existed. But while I am saddened to hear of the specific loss, I am more disappointed in something else.

They missed the point.

Perhaps in an effort to make her brother more “human” to the web browser, and perhaps to make it so that people would want to contribute to their cause, they show her brother with a young Iraqi child–wearing her brother’s helmet. Her brother “got it” better than she did, and perhaps better than most others do.

The war, while certainly an effort to stop the development and spread of WMDs, was bigger than that. It was about freeing an oppressed people. It was about showing people in the region that their is more to life than “existing” and that one doesn’t have to “take” the abuse heaped on them in the name of religion by zealots who distort any religion for their own power. It was about freedom, and yes, democracy.

A college freshman was telling me just the other day about a story she heard, where hundreds of camcorders were given to Iraqi’s with just one direction–go record whatever you wish. No direction for political agenda, or taping military actions, or anything else. And what did they find? People happy with Americans, and a young child who adores the American soldier, and how well they treat him. What did this young child want to be when he grows up? An American. AN AMERICAN.

Her brother saw the opportunity to change a young child’s life, and he made that difference. Let’s rejoice in freedom for women, and children, everywhere. Let’s not just write them off, otherwise we prove to the world the very thing the left says we shouldn’t–we would be selfish, self-absorbed Americans, unwilling to do anything for others if it means we are less comfortable.

The US Military understands that mission, and is prepared to meet it. America, shouldn’t you as well?


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