Photography: Lessons from Film and Digital

A few reflections onDruid Film and Digital (now that I am scanning in a lot of old negatives.)

1. My ability to shoot and process film got better over time, but film still has issues
2. Dust on negatives: not a problem in digital
3. Water stains on negatives (failing to sufficiently use the drying agent): not a problem in digital
4. Poor exposure in a whole roll? Not “as big” an issue in digital, since we can see the results immediately. (ref: “Chimping”)
5. Poor focus? Okay–nothing really fixes this in digital OR film. Technology in TV shows aside, if something isn’t in focus–well, it never will me.
6. Resolution of images? Sure, film CAN have much finer grain and thus resolution, but with the 24MP cameras (and more) out now, do you REALLY notice?
7. The equipment really can make a difference. A great photographer (NOT me) can take quality photos with nearly anything, but a sharp lens, and a responsive body, and “fast” and high resolution film/chip–that really can make a difference.

What are your thoughts on film and digital?

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