A Book Meme

I have been “tagged” by my brother to do a “book” meme.  The rules:

  • Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more (no cheating!)
  • Find page 123
  • Find the first five sentences
  • Post the next three sentences
  • Tag five people
  • Okay–so the book is Designing and Managing the Supply Chain: Concepts, Strategies and Case Studies by Simchi-Levy, Kaminsky, and Simchi-Levi. (3rd Edition)

    Page 123 is the first page of Chapter 4–Supply Contracts, and it starts with a case study about American Tool Works (ATW). So, without further ado, the three sentences.

    The relationship between ATW and its distributors and dealers may take two forms:

    • Large Distributors tend to have a vendor-managed-inventory (VMI) agreement with ATW.  In this situation, ATW monitors the inventory levels of various products at the distributors’ facilities, and makes additional shipments as necessary.

    So there you have it.  Only my second meme (my first can be found here.)
    I would like to tag my favorite liberals.  Fleshy, Eric from A liberal dose, and then Dean Dad at Confessions of a Community College Dean.  Not that they will ever actually find out that they have been tagged.


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