I recently have had several opportunities to talk about, and think about, what it means to be “an adult.”

Here is my opinion:

It’s not a magic age (“I am 18, and an adult” usually followed by “why won’t you let me…”). It’s not a magic formula or convergence of events in a life (mortgage, marriage, move, or any such thing.) Turning 18 just means you alone are legally responsible for your mistakes, and I have seen plenty of childish husbands, wives, and so forth.

It is the point where one takes on responsibility for “things” great and small in their life, and takes responsibility for one’s own actions. When one gets to the point where one can do that, one has begun the lifelong journey to and through adulthood. And guess what–we will slip, and revert, and blame others, and shy away from rather, than step up to, our responsibilities. That too is part of the journey. It is how we recognize our failings, and whether we step forward and accept responsbility, that helps us determine whether we are still climbing the path to maturity, or slipping down the slope of childishness.

Did I mention yet, God? Spiritual maturity actually, to some extent, is the reverse. As one grows in Christ one finds (as I had to over a recent weekend–Thanks to all that prayed, and please continue!) that while we need to accept responsibility for our actions, we must recognize that we can do nothing, and Christ can do all things. It is the recognition of the role of Servant to our Lord, the subjugating of self so that Christ can live through us, that shapes and provides definition to spiritual maturity.

So where do we stand? Do we blame others for not recognizing us or allowing us to serve, rather than stepping up and stepping in? Or do we acknowledge that God has called us to serve, and we are to serve in whatever capacity He has made for us, and serve joyfully. “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

P.S. I realize that I have to some degree stepped outside the bounds of this BLOG’s construct. If this were a state school, I suppose I would find myself in trouble for talking about God at all. Oh, well.


3 thoughts on “Adulthood

  1. Amen, Brother! This issue is part & parcel of both equipping the saints as well as encouraging the broken. Wise words!

  2. Great, and the “saints” need MORE equiping (as those thier “divine intervention” doesn’t provide them enough)…and how do you define the broken…as those who have other beliefs?

  3. I agree about your thinking about the journey through life/adulthood and with slips backwards.

    For without the slips, we would not learn the lessons that need to be taught. Sometimes lifes hardest lessons come from ones own mistakes or misjudgements.

    I think it is not always our job to ‘serve’ but to live. Live the life you are given by making the choices along the way, which form you into the person you will be when you die.

    Learn from the mistakes and grow… i think thats more important of a job than ‘serve’…
    One cannot serve, if they are not able to live.

    but thats just me…. 😉

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