The First Entry

First words are always difficult, and these are no different. So much can run through my mind.

Yes, I called this my “lecture notes.” And after reading several other people’s blogs, I find that I will perhaps take some heat for the presumption taken in that title. I couldn’t think of anything else that really captured my “style” of communication.

I love fishing–the time alone, surrounded by thoughts and water. I enjoy the battle with the fish, but can be happy catching nothing. The problem is, it is still not “communication” with anyone but myself, God, and perhaps nature.

Of course, like any good professor, I am opinionated, and vocal about them. Unlike many professors, my opinions are politically conservative. If Sean Hannity were to meet me, and my brother (also a professor) he might perhaps moderate his opinion about all academics being liberal pinheads. Of course, he isn’t all THAT wrong–most are! I would like to think that I am rational in my opinions, and I try to remain balanced, willing to call certain ideas BS even when they are supportive of my own perspective, if they are unsupportable. On the other hand, I don’t run from the label “ideologue.” All it means is that I have an ideology–I have a view of how the world should be, and believe that certain ways of getting their are “better” than others.

Of course, like any good professor, I am also seeking truth, and willing to entertain challenges to old ideas, and seek out new ones. But I am also honest enough to admit that, if ideas conflict with ideology (I am not talking “Facts” here, but ideas) that I will be willing to reject them, easily.

Well, enough from me for now. Let’s see how this blog thing works out.

Lecture over.


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