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Okay, so I don’t wait, before I jump right in to controversy.

I am getting tired of the anger about Bush. I am not “angry” about the anger. Tired. Geez, get OVER it. So now, because the President maintained his composure, and chose to not panic a classroom of children, he gets chastised by his opponent–the same opponent who insisted that they would take no cheap shots, and won’t make it personal? I have never understood the logic that says that demonstrating a “sense of urgency” is important. It’s not if you LOOK like you are urgent, it is do you respond with an understanding of the sense of urgency of the matter at hand.

So I am left with these questions: What if Bush had rushed outside, determined, if not panicked? What decisions could he have made in those 7 minutes that would have changed anything? Both towers had been hit, the Pentagon plane was fast inbound, and no one knew about the plane in PA. Could he have found them using some magical system on Air Force One? Would he have been able to ground all the other planes faster than they did? Would the terrorists have obeyed a “land immediately” order? Seriously–what COULD he have done?

Now that I have that out of the way–what else is news?


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