BTS – National Transportation Statistics 2004

BTS – National Transportation Statistics 2004

I am sure many of you have asked yourselves “how can I get my hands on the actual data, rather than rely on the new reporters to give me their (often incorrect) interpretation?”

This link is one of the answers. On this link, you not only have the National Transportation Statistics (NTS) 2004 report, but more conveniently, you have it with excel and csv (comma delimited) text files. The significance of this is simple: you can conduct your own data mining, reviewing and slicing the data, or conducting statistical analyses as you see fit.

Hint: when you have a homework assignment, or a project, that requires you to analyse some data–perhaps in a statistics class, and you need to do a forecast, or conduct regression, here is a ready source of useful, and informational, data.

Happy hunting, and if you find something interesting, please, come back here, and share it with the rest of the class!

The Prof


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