1st, 4th (and hopefully not the 2d) Amendments


Two small problems: first, there wasn’t any “polygamy” per se going on; and second, there wasn’t any abuse going on.

Have you lost your freakin’ mind?! Think about it.

“Polygamy” as defined by the law requires at least “Bigamy” which requires “marriage.” “Marriages” didn’t take place. Not even “Civil Ceremonies.” By the definition used by the DPS/CPS in Texas, “polygamy” is running rampant in every urban center in the USA today. That is, women having multiple children by multiple fathers. Think about it.

Abuse. O.K., after the state seizes the children and waterboards them for a few weeks, what accusations do we have? Zip. Zero. Zilch. Remember the history of “false abuse syndrome” where children are talked into lying about abuse by “professional social workers?” First showed up in the 1980s after a couple of very embarrassing cases (large $ settlements by state governments needed to cover up the mistakes). Yeah, it’s a “documented syndrome” and the victims of such cruelty have to deal with the false/implanted memories well into adulthood.

Underage girls having babies! Again- zip, zero, zilch. The CPS recently had to backtrack on the two (!) cases of “underage motherhood” they claimed to have found. One of the “teenage girls” was 20 and the other was 18. Oops. O.K., take a random slice of 400+ urban USA citizens: what is the rate of “underage motherhood;” even “underage mothers of children with adult fathers?” Anyone got the numbers on NYC, Detroit, Atlanta, Chicago? LA? O.K., what about the abuse heaped on the young males in the compound? Aside from the abuse perpetrated by the DPS/CPS, there have been no credible reports of any actual abuse taking place- and, most tellingly, no indictments.

Think about it some more: if the state had ANYTHING credible by now, you would have seen it splashed across every major media outlet in the world.

I pray the wheels of justice finally begin grinding away at this shameful situation.


[acres of useless land converted into multi-million dollar prime real estate with quarried stone buildings, riding trails, etc. Paranoid? Hey, sometimes they really are out to get you- especially if you dress funny, talk funny, and disrupt the local economy of small-town bible belt America. Good background information on the relationship between the “cult” [sic] and the local town folk in a recent Texas Monthly article. Chilling. And *nobody* in authority inhte Stae of Texas is willing to tlak about *any* aspect of this situation; from the Governor on down to the local Sherriff.]