Obama as “Dr No?” Apparently he has no prescription…

The US News and World Report has written today that Obama has come out against another energy plan.  Big surprise here, eh?

In an appearance in the battleground state of Nevada yesterday, Sen. Barack Obama mocked Sen. John McCain’s energy policies, particularly his call for more nuclear plants. The AP reports that Obama said in Las Vegas “that he would not take nuclear power ‘off the table’ as a possible energy option, but blasted John McCain’s proposal to build dozens of new reactors in the U.S.” Obama “said he supports increased research into nuclear waste storage and recycling, but could not endorse construction of new reactors until those concerns are resolved.” The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports that an underlying theme of Obama’s attacks on McCain were the status of the federal government’s Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility, which is opposed by Obama and most of Nevada’s leaders, but backed by McCain.


One thought on “Obama as “Dr No?” Apparently he has no prescription…

  1. 1. Drill now
    2. Go Nuclear
    3. Fusion for long term

    We need more *sources* of energy, not increasingly inefficient conversion schemes from one (source) form to another (use) form.

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