Democrats sweep Virginia, New Jersey races – Yahoo! News


Spin… Spin… Spin…

Man, am I getting dizzy.

Bush is handed a defeat? Let me see if I have this right. In New Jersey, a state known for going for the Democrat candidate (and violating the rules if necessary to see that they do–refer back to my blog entry re: when are rules no longer important…) the state once again voted for a democrat, replacing the democrat governor with a *gasp* democrat governor. And that is a defeat for Bush?

Moving to Virginia, a Democrat governor cannot run for re-election to a consecutive term, so his Lt Governor runs–and wins! Shocking, I say. Hmmm… something tells me, if you are a Democrat, replacing a Democrat, and essentially an “incumbent,” that the race should be won “easily.” It was, instead, a “close race.”

I have no doubt that in the national elections of 2006 the Republicans will lose some seats in the House, and perhaps even a Senate seat or two. They might even lose a governorship (say… in California, where it seems less of an election shaping up, and more of a “best actor” award between Beatty and Schwarzenegger). That is an expected outcome in an off year for a sitting President. Clinton lost seats for his party in both 1994 and 1998. That’s not really news.

Here would be “the shocking headline” if it were to happen (although I doubt the media would print it!) “BUSH SHOWS TAIL–GAINS SEATS CEMENTING CONTROL” (yes, I mean coattails)

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