Cheney visits Iraq and hails ‘tremendous elections’ – Yahoo! News

Cheney visits Iraq and hails ‘tremendous elections’ – Yahoo! News

Amazing news, don’t you think?

Dick Cheney, the oft maligned Vice President, has once again gone to Iraq, showing support not only for the troops, but for democracy. What could be wrong with that? Hmmm….

Let me be the first to predict that the indefatigable Randi Rhodes will attack Dick Cheney. In fact, I suspect, but cannot prove, that in the Monday show she will rant and rail against the Veep, with much hot air, little substance, and broad conspiratorially minded accusations. Oh wait, that’s cheating on my part–that’s what she does on all her shows.

You don’t believe me? Go listen yourself…The Randi Rhodes Show.

Okay, let me toss a little ad hominem her way. I find her show entertaining, because she is so soooo… crazy. I find a small problem with her show, however. She used to have on her Bio at her site that she had been “voted” the most outstanding woman in the US Air Force in 1979. There are a few interesting tidbits here. That info is no longer listed. Perhaps because the Air Force doesn’t actually have such an award, I am told. I am not accusing her of lying, just mis-representation. I suspect she received that award not from the Air Force, but from another agency or perhaps a magazine, such as Good Housekeeping. You can still find this information on some places, if you Google “Randi Rhodes” and “Outstanding Air Force.” One such link can be found here. (update: this link is also no longer available)

You know, I will continue this later. In the mean time, I actually want to recommend her show to you. If you are an educated individual, you will find it to be several hours of hilarity. If you are not, or choose to believe anything, you might find it… ummmm… enlightening? Either way, it will amaze you.

The professor.


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