Language Log: Freedom of speech: more famous than Bart Simpson

Language Log: Freedom of speech: more famous than Bart Simpson

I believe I have mentioned here my affinity for stories about surveys, and how we report and interpret them. remember my blogging about the Lt Col who incorrectly talked about speeding, or even my referring you, dear class, to the book Freakanomics? Or perhaps, you remember my discussing The Numbers Guy at the Wall Street Journal?

Well, this story is, as my brother points out, right up my alley.

This “language log” tackles the all important nature of spin, asking essentially how one can spin a story to get the most effect. While I appreciate everything the author puts forward, what the two greatest contributions, in my mind, are the a) point the author makes about how people, including other reporters, will easily mis-understand what is meant and then report it incorrectly, and b) how positive stories are passed for negative ones.

It’s a good read. Go check it out!

The Prof (or, if you are from London– The Proff. Don’t ask ME why–ask her! LOL)


5 thoughts on “Language Log: Freedom of speech: more famous than Bart Simpson

  1. Now Proff all is becoming clear as to why it is becoming a habit with you to spell London with two “D”s
    I tried addressing you as ” prof” but the word looked a little naked, and as the visualisation was making me a little nauseous I added the extra ” f” for security.
    I dont mind if you address me as Londd … but as for sticking that extra ” d” in the centre of Londdon,
    well all I have to say is ” quit messing with my City”

  2. oh Brother_Bones fancy meeting you here!!The little Pea gravitating to its Pod.
    As for your comment about “50% of Americans reading below average” Your spelling is none to hot either. quite left me ” reeling”
    ( ok , I’m a bitch….)

  3. Yes, well, Shakespear spelled his name 5 different ways on his own handwritten will; so I’m not too worried about what people think of my spelling.

    I was speaking of the headline which states the obvious and tries to scare people into doing something about nothing.

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