Flash » Epic 2015

Flash » Epic 2015

Care to know what the future holds, for news agencies, google, Amazon, and Microsoft? This is an interesting look into the future of media convergence, done in documentary style. Of note is that it must have been created in 2004 since the timelines (predictions) begin diverging in 2005.

I particularly like the fact that this actually has Google Ads running at the bottom–real ads, I believe!


3 thoughts on “Flash » Epic 2015

  1. That very well-done and interesting. How do you find these things? lol… now, gotta get back to my work.

  2. I’ve noticed a lot of blogs have started using ads. I refuse to put ads on The Lobby because I think it sort of defeats the purpose of blogging when you do that. Turns it into some “money-making” place. Not that making money is bad, but I guess I just have something else in mind when I started blogging. But, to each his own! The ads annoy me… but I still visit the blogs that carry them.

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