NASA – NASA’s FY 2007 Budget and Planning Documents

NASA – NASA’s FY 2007 Budget and Planning Documents

(Cross posted from “the Lobby“) Okay, since we seem to have a strong interest in budgets, and federal tax dollars, I thought I would provide a link to the NASA Budget request for 2007. If you download the “full” budget request document, a 5.1 mb pdf file, that the total budget request is 16,792.3 million, or 16.9 Billion dollars. Now, we might be concerned about how effectively they use their dollars, the total request is barely more than half of the money apparently lost to rebuild Iraq. Hmmmm… Perhaps, if NASA was a tad bit more enterprising, they would offer to help find the money, and seek a 10% finder’s fee. What could NASA do with another 3 Billion?

I also would recommend that the interested reader go through the budget, as well as the various performance and accountability reports. Admittedly NASA, like and good agency, is in “salesman” mode, but they have done great things with their dollars, and are planning greater things further down the road.

I, for one, am excited about the CEV, and the “Moon, Mars, and Beyond” effort.

Oh, and while I mentioned it in a comment, I wanted to be sure to put the plug in here as well for the Planetary Society and their podcast. Always interesting, and if you make it to the last 5 minutes of each podcast, quite educational AND entertaining!

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5 thoughts on “NASA – NASA’s FY 2007 Budget and Planning Documents

  1. Prof(f), I think you miss my point regarding the allocation of the funding for NASA. It’s not that I believe the money allocated is exhorbitant. The point is that the money that it is receiving should be appropriated in such a way (and in particular, be appropriated to people) who can make decisions in the best interest of NASA and its goals. Otherwise, it can best be applied towards programs and interests that help Americans.

    I’m as eager to take a trip into space as anyone but not at the cost of my neighbor not being able to feed their children or provide healthcare for their ailing wife.

  2. Citizens Against Government Waste ( cites $27.3billion in government pork projects for fiscal year 2005, nearly twice NASA’s budget.

    If you want to start somewhere to fund beneficial social programs I suggest you start with the bridges to nowhere rather than cut an agency that recieves approximately .7% of the federal budget and provides such crossover technological benefits as a water purification device originally designed for the ISS that has been scaled up for portable use in disaster areas.

    In contrast the Department of Health and Human Services had $580 billion (36 times that of NASA) in outlays for fiscal year ’05.

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