Refurbished Kindle 1’s for only $150 (okay, $149.99)

UPDATE:  Apparently Amazon is no longer selling the original Kindle even as a refurb.  They are selling the Refurbished Kindle 2 and the Refurbished Kindle DX though, and so far everything I have read says that this is a GREAT deal.  Check it out.

I have just found on the Amazon site that they are selling the original Kindle for only $149.99. (see update above)

If you are interested, check it out.  It’s “almost” as good as the Kindle2.  I have the original, and haven’t felt the need to upgrade, since the only really new features are the ability of the Kindle 2 to read to me (with a computer generated voice) and more esthetically pleasing buttons.  In fact, I personally like the ability, with the original Kindle, to add a memory card, thereby having unlimited storage (and I can remove the card–with my books–before I ship it out if I have problems).  Also, the original Kindle has a removable/replaceable battery, so you won’t have to send the whole unit off to Amazon if your battery dies.

Anyway–just wanted to share this with you.


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