Americans at “tipping point” about energy-poll – Yahoo! News

Americans at “tipping point” about energy-poll – Yahoo! News

The phrase “tipping point” has been around for a while, but was certainly made more popular with the release of the book by the same name. I wonder if this author was intending a reference to the book.

I am intrigued that this issue of dependence on foreign oil has reached this point. What does this mean? The article points out that the “political complexion of that issue is about to change considerably…” If the complexion changes significantly (relating to dependence), are we now going to see a shift in opinions? which ideas will shift? Here’s a few that could prove interesting:

1. More interest in hybrid vehicles. This doesn’t actually shift our dependence, but it does lessen the amount consumed. Perhaps the “American mind” will see this as the same thing.

2. Exploring alternative energy sources, such as wind. This seemed to be gaining traction, and then the animal right’s groups got involved. Yup–being green was a good idea, until the windmills started taking out the birds!

3. Allow for more drilling in Alaska. Perhaps the easiest solution–and it doesn’t have to result in the destruction of the desolate wilderness. This is one of those issues that is so easily couched in the faulty “either/or” logic–“either” we protect the wilderness and don’t drill, “or” we destroy nature. Technology and social conscience have come a long way since the early days of drilling. I have faith that “win-win” solutions truly are achievable.

4. Elect new leaders. This of course won’t actually DO anything–and we will complain about these folks soon enough, but it makes “most Americans” feel good about themselves.

So–We have reached a tipping point. The question is, which direction we will tip. Thoughts, anyone?


3 thoughts on “Americans at “tipping point” about energy-poll – Yahoo! News

  1. We’re going to tip to the point of complaining and not really doing anything. Auto makers are producing hybrid electric cars because of a consumer demand. You can’t drive your car on wind power. Most of our energy needs are met by domestic coal and natural gas.

    I’m getting tired of people equating imported oil to energy production in the US. Imported oil affects our driving habits, not our energy consumption.

  2. To replace oil, you’re going to need energy from another source – tens of thousands of gigawatts worth of power from another source. I doubt this could be easily acheived with wind farms or photovoltaic panels.

    Burning coal to produce electricity to produce a chemical fuel would be ridiculously inefficient. I doubt we could mine coal as fast as we now pump oil.

    There’s always nuclear. We could use nuclear energy to charge batteries, run coal gassification, or use hydrogen if we can. (I’m a nuclear nut, btw).

  3. I actually do see a trend towards more energy conservation. Domestic resources are not enough, and nor do I think they should have to be. The solution to many societal ills, including health issues, is making sure that the expenditure of energy begins with our bodies.

    Meaning, get your lazy ass up and into a gym. Walk to the store if it’s just a few items. Take a trip with your significant other to the pharmacy for that tooth paste that ran out. Take the kids to the park instead of dropping them off at a friend’s house for a night of Nintendo. There are things we can do, we’re just lazy and choose not to.

    Well you all don’t. I do. hehe

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