iPhone 3G and 3GS Scosche Charging Adapters (HT: @Targuman)

Finally I have found adapters that will let me charge my iPhone 3G (and the occasional 3GS that comes to visit) with my devices designed to work and charge earlier iPhone and iPods. I wrote a year and a half ago about the lack of adapters that would let me charge my iPhone 3G in players I had previously purchased.  I was disappointed that the (rather significant) investment was all but worthless.  Thanks to my brother, Chris (and @targuman on Twitter) my eyes have been opened to a product that promises to do just that–allow a pass through to charge with older devices.  Actually there are two units that interest me.

The first is the Scosche PassPORT USB Home Charging Adapter . This device is for those players you have around the house where you would set your iPod or iPhone in and play your music while it charges. This adapter sits in the “well” where you would place your 1st Gen iPhone or iPod, and it essentially re-routes the power to the correct connectors, allowing a charge. A great idea, and it appears to only add a few centimeters of height. You can get this through Amazon for $25.47

The second device is the Scosche passPORT Charging Adapter for iPod touch 2G, 3G; iPod nano 4G; iPhone 3G . This answers the other challenging problem of having a car charger that will not charge the newer iPhones. This is a small (1 x 0.5 x 0.5 inches) device that plugs into your charger, extending it by 1/2″ but then plugs in to your iphone. Now you can charge your phone with older chargers. This device is only 9.99
from Amazon.

I hope to get my hands on these units and provide a review soon.


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