iPhone 3G not Compatible with Accessories

UPDATE, 13 Dec 2009: I have found a couple adapters that will enable the newer iPhones to work with the older accessories.  Go check out http://theprofessornotes.com/archives/770

Okay, I did it. I bought a 3G iPhone.  And I like it.  I really do.  But it would be nice it if would also charge using the existing iPod/iPhone accessories.  I have several, including a car charger that works with all my previous versions of iPod/iPhones, but find that when I connect the 3G phone to them I am presented with a message that the new phone will not charge with that accessory.  (The players will still play music, however.)

It seems odd to me.  The connector still fits.  Old USB cables still work with the computer for data and power.  The older accessories can still play the music.  It’s just this darned power problem.

I will have more reviews later, especially of my favorite free apps, including Apple’s “Remote.”  Until then, I anxiously await ideas for chargers.