iPhone 3G not Compatible with Accessories

UPDATE, 13 Dec 2009: I have found a couple adapters that will enable the newer iPhones to work with the older accessories.  Go check out http://theprofessornotes.com/archives/770

Okay, I did it. I bought a 3G iPhone.  And I like it.  I really do.  But it would be nice it if would also charge using the existing iPod/iPhone accessories.  I have several, including a car charger that works with all my previous versions of iPod/iPhones, but find that when I connect the 3G phone to them I am presented with a message that the new phone will not charge with that accessory.  (The players will still play music, however.)

It seems odd to me.  The connector still fits.  Old USB cables still work with the computer for data and power.  The older accessories can still play the music.  It’s just this darned power problem.

I will have more reviews later, especially of my favorite free apps, including Apple’s “Remote.”  Until then, I anxiously await ideas for chargers.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 3G not Compatible with Accessories

  1. I agree completely! I bought the new iPhone 3G and gave my wife the previous version. I have a hard wired kit for my BMW 330Ci and it worked great with the old iPhone. Played the music and videos and charged as well. Now I can’t charge with the new one and it is a pain since I drive 115 miles each way to work and keeping it charged is esential

  2. I am not sure I am feeling ‘the love’ anymore. I think that Apple has taken their customer loyalty to new heights. I cannot believe that my entire investment in chargers, cradles, USB cables, car chargers, Griffen this/that… do not work with the 3G. I am afraid I am ‘out’. No more following the bleeding edge… just too damn wasteful.

  3. I agree. It’s crap that this has happened. The same goes for my Infiniti G37. The ipod connector allows me to play music but will not charge. Why? I hope they do provide an update soon that will eliminate this problem.

  4. I have the same problem with my in-dash kit on my toyota prius. Plays music but now won’t charge. It worked for the first day I bought the 3G now it doesn’t. Worked fine with my old iPhone.

  5. I am also disappointed with Apple in this regard, as I had a car kit installed only 3 months ago that I tested with the 1 generation iPhone and assumed it would work on the second generation iPhone. I also have a car kit in my older car, that is also incompatible so getting some sort of adapter would be very helpful.

    I am very hopeful that Apple will do something; however, I am not holding my breath. There is one group out there that seems to be trying to address the issue: http://home.swipnet.se/ridax/connector.htm?connipod.htm

  6. Unfortunately the problem seems different on different accessories…
    I have an iHome alarm clock docking station with which my old EDGE iPhone was working fine (barring he fact that I had to put it in “flight” mode, which was not a problem to me!).
    I upgraded to 2.0.2 from 1.1.4 and… The phone charges, IPod functions can be controlled by the iHome alarm clock… but no sound comes from the iHome speakers… only from iPhone!
    Sadly so!!!!

  7. This is a bunch of crap. What is Apple thinking? I Have 3 cars with accessories, several IHome devices and just switched over to the 3G. I like the phone, but finding out that NONE of my accessories work is maddening. I almost want to return the phone. I had NO PROBLEMS with my “old” IPhone, and I “upgraded” to this??? Thanks, Apple.

  8. Here’s my solution with worked with my Alpine CDA-9885 and should work with other car stereos. It works without putting the iPhone 3G into airplane-mode either!

    I used the Kensington 33368 4-in-1 car charger which has a pass-through dock connector. Connect the Kensington to the cigarette lighter and the iPhone, connect the car stereo dock connector to the Kensington – voila!! It now charges and plays 🙂

    Bonus – the 4-in-1 is $10.62 at Amazon at the moment: (editor: The price is back to nearly $30, but still a great deal ) Kensington 33368 4-in-1 Auto Charger for iPods

    Good luck!

  9. i have a bmw 330xi and my iphone 3gs and charger is nt compatible w/c att charger im using. hope somebody resolve mu issue .. thanks..

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