iPhone 3G not Charging (Screenshot) and JOTT!

Here is the screenshot taken (using that new, cool iPhone feature.)  As you can see the charging feature of my accessory is not supported.  In this case, the accessory is an Altec-Lansing InMotion portable player.

You can get a quick look at my other apps downloaded, including my son’s favorite, PhoneSabre.

I would like to take a second and point out just how “Cool” Jott is.  On the iPhone (top left app) it turns your voice into typed text for notes or a todo list.  But it is “so much more.”  Once you create a free account on their site, you can call their phone number, and when you leave your short voice messages it converts them to text, and emails and text messages your note to whatever number/person you have put on the system.  It sends text only in the txt message but the email actually includes your voice recording.

Way Cool


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