The iPhone experience

Perhaps it is time for me to explain some things.  Those of you that have read me regularly know that I have been of two minds concerning the iPhone.  I thought it was overpriced, but definitely a cool device.  Then the price came down.  First my son bought one (with a subsidy from Dad, but still, he paid half) and then my wife got one.  I had some envy in fact, as we would be driving down the highway with the two of them iPhoning away while I drive.

So, I decided to get an iPhone.  And, I decided to be one of those that “lived the experience” and went to the store early on Friday morning to stand in line.  It was interesting, although I must say most people are not very talkative at 0715 hr.  My son went with me, in part to experience the event, and in part to skip swim practice, but hey, it’s all good.  Oh, and I think he wanted to laugh at Dad being a “fan boy.”

When we arrived, we were 45 minutes early, but still 29th in line.

As you can see, when we arrived there were already a number of folks (29 to be exact) in line ahead of me.  They were almost all 20 something males, but not exclusively.  There were a few 1st Generation iPhone owners there buying the upgrade, and interestingly, they had already installed the 2,0 firmware upgrade a few hours before.  I guess they wanted 3G and GPS.

My son had already upgraded his, as well, so he was standing there playing with a few apps on the phone.

We did take a recorder with us and I hope to have a podcast of our experience uploaded in a few days–assuming you would want to hear that.

Leave a note and let me know if you would want to hear the “Podcast from the line.”


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