Obama to look like McCain

Enough about the iPhone.  Back to politics.

What a story.  The LA Times has reported that Obama’s political positions are moving more centrist, looking more and more like John McCain every day.

The picture on the LA Times is even designed to evoke a sense of “sameness.” (see below) [EDITOR NOTE:  The LA Times has apparently removed the photograph showing Obama and McCain in similar active poses, although the story is still online.  No comment as to why.]

The Same?

I understand that politicians often have to be politicians (you know, change their positions with the wind to stroke their egos through elections).

My question is simply this:

Can McCain now claim that he has held the centrist position the whole time, and that Obama is pandering?


One thought on “Obama to look like McCain

  1. I think that might be a hard sell. I think McCain’s strategy right now, at least with PA ads from the RNC, is to focus on how un-pragmatic Obama’s rhetoric tends to be. Energy, the timetable, and economic relief are the main issues there.

    To your question, I think that McCain’s campaign can look to where Obama has clearly capitulated to the republican positions with immediate economic relief such as stimulus checks and the like. That seems to be a very recent line from Obama over the past month. We will see if he shifts gears with energy policy as well.

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