Added a “Lowest Gas Price” Feature

I have added a page to the site  that provides the lowest gasoline prices here in the Mechanicsburg, PA area.  (see left-hand sidebar)  I would encourage you to do three things:

  1. Visit here regularly if you are from around Mechanicsburg to check the lowest prices
  2. Visit the site and search for lowest prices in your area
  3. Join their site and provide updates to the prices for the stations you pass every day
  4. If you have a blog, add a listing for your local area

The way I see it, McCain has a strategy that when taken as a whole will hopefully remove “energy” from our worry list. (see my entries here, and here) But… that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be doing things to help each other out in the meantime.  By updating the site as we see changing gas prices, we help our neighbors save a little, and hopefully reward those stations that have the lower prices, encouraging more downward pressure on prices (Of course, economics being what it is, the increased volume at those lower-priced stations may be seen as an increase in demand that should result in an increase in prices at the micro level.  Who knows…)

So, what are your thoughts on how we can help our neighbors lessen the impact of higher gasoline prices? (and might I suggest that telling them to drive less, or buy a new car, isn’t very helpful…)