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Interesting things about Blogspot and iRows

I have noticed a couple interesting things, of late.

Many of you know I have a “sitemeter” on my blog, which lets me see how many people visit, and it also lets me see generally from where (city, and service provider), and what pages were visited and how the visitor found me.

Well, as of late, I have been “visited” several times a day from a site in Hong Kong. I appreciate that I am well liked, and have an international audience, except, I think this is something perhaps a bit less kosher. I believe it is a robot. This visitor keeps going to the same page–the page that references the online spreadsheet “iRows.” It is as if they are seeking that particular item, perhaps to post a comment to visit some other site that might convince a wayward user to post their information online.

Anyone have any ideas what someone in Hong Kong would want with your spreadsheet data?

A second tidbit comes from my brother. If you mis-spell “blogspot” in the address for ANY blog hosted here, you will find it takes you to a rather… “interesting” religious site. Try it… put in your favorite blogaddress (what? it’s not THIS one?) but instead of typing blogspot, swap the s and p, so it is “”

Interesting. As he mentioned to me, it’s no big deal for blogs like mine–you will just wonder what happened. For those blogs, however, that have a religious nature to begin with, one might begin to wonder what happened–to the blog host!

Have a great day, and keep those cards and letters coming!

One thought on “Interesting things about Blogspot and iRows

  • lol… as for your second tidbit, the think that makes my raise an eyebrow to is the prayer at the bottom highlighted in blue. If saying those things was it, i am surprised in it is not hanging in every prision across the world. lol… but I digress. 🙂

    p.s. Could the Hong Kong visiting be going through a foreign google of sorts and they click on your site for further information about iRows… but I could be off the mark here.

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