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What links should I add?

I have added a couple interesting blogs to the links section, as well as started a new section for links to informational sites.

I am wondering, dear class, what you think I should add as links? Any favorite blogs you think I should point to? Should I, out of shear magnanimity, add our dear, eloquent friend the “new American Patriot” to the list? (Remember him? He is the owner of A Liberal Dose that, if I remember correctly, wants to kick me in my nuts…)

Just leave your comments here with your suggestions, and your votes!

The Professor

4 thoughts on “What links should I add?

  • At least he allows folks to post comments, no matter how asinine and vindictive.

  • My favorite blog of all time…

    He posts on more my type of blogs – hilarious situations of everyday life. Not something you would normally find on this blog or any other connected to it…
    Prof, your new best friend (NAP) doesn’t know you very well – radical right wing bean counter! HA!!

  • I think you definitely should add a link to A Liberal Does…He is the first to actually contend with you systematically, although like all Liberals (I am not talking about myself.), he opinion loafs and doesn’t fully research facts…Is the word biased or ignorant?

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