What is the “Core?”

I have thought long and hard about what I should be putting in these blogs. My desire is to try to tackle the bigger questions, go for the “deeper” issue and philosophical underpinnings of an issue. Of course, this is predicated on the notion that logic will prevail. If presented with a cogent, factual argument, people will be persuaded, and can change.

I, of course, am not convinced of this.

For instance, I struggle with trying to identify “core values or beliefs.” I am frustrated by the constant repetition that the Democrats will unify, while the Republicans are divisive. Michael Medved was clear on his show Tuesday, when he pointed out the nation is divided, and that is seen in the political parties, and not the other way around.

Let me ask (yet another rhetorical) question. What makes the Democrats believe that they can “unify” the nation? The division isn’t simply one group liking one person and disliking another. We have at the heart of the dispute disagreements that are fundamental. While we all want the same overt outcomes (success for people, healthcare, jobs) how we view people, and thus how we believe our nation can best achieve these goals, are vastly different.

This is made manifest in just listening to the personalities on Air America, especially their morning shows. One morning they commented that they don’t disrespect, or hate, Christians, and then, literally in the next breath, they made fun of these people who “actually believe” these things. Now, how they can’t see the blatant hypocrisy in that statement, I don’t know. Another interesting aspect of the division is when Janeane Garafolo commented that George Bush “actually said the verdict is still out on Evolution” and continued to deride his Christian beliefs. The true irony came when she said essentially that it is terrible that “Bush doesn’t believe in Evolution.” Heck, is it belief, or something else?

See, the debate is fundamental. This isn’t about parties, and divisive politics. It’s about vastly different world views, irreconcilable world views.

So honestly, how can EITHER party truly consider themselves uniters? Even Clinton, who saw himself as a great uniter, never was able to earn even 50% of the popular vote, in either election.

The only way I can see, is to win the election, and then pretend that no one disagrees with you, and that your mandate is complete–the very view the Democrats have accused the Bush Administration for taking.

The exam is next week–I hope you are studying.


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