Android Tip: How to swap apps from the “Dock” (And K-9 email app!)

I have now had my Android phone (The Samsung Captivate) for about 2 weeks and really have enjoyed the transition to the Android OS, and learning a new way of doing things.  Of course, with learning, comes wanting…

K-9 Email. Scan QR with camera to install

I wanted to switch email programs. I don’t like the email program that comes “stock” on the android phone and, after trying a few, decided that I really liked the K-9 email application.[1.  It didn’t hurt that it uses the icon of a robotic dog–hat tip to Dr Who!]  You can read a review of it here.  It is quick, customizable, and quick.  Did I mention quick?

So once I decided that this was the “One App to rule them all” (well, rule the email apps) I saw no use having the stock email icon cluttering up the dock on the bottom of the screen (that’s the row at the bottom that presents the four most commonly used icons: phone, email, browser, and applications.)

But how do you do that?  It isn’t as obvious as “hold the icon until it selects and drag to the trash” (the way you delete other icons from the home screen-but not the applications themselves).  Luckily I found the instructions on the Android Forums website.  Here it is:

It looks like you can customize the dock on the bottom of the screen, but only the two icons in the middle. (ed.–not true) To do this, you much (sic) go into your app launcher, and make sure the View Type is on Customizable Grid, which you can change by hitting Menu > View Type > Customizable Grid. While still in the Application launcher, hit Menu > Edit to change the two middle dock icons.

Note though that it turns out (at least on my Captivate) you can swap out, or delete, the icons for all 4 items in the Dock.  Not sure I want to–but nice to know I can!


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