Real Tech for Real People, Episode 52: LIVE!

For Episode 52 we had a special event–Tony was in PA, so we recorded our first episode together.  I drove up to University Park, dragging the equipment with me, and Tony and I sat down with my brother in front of a “live audience” and talked tech.

Sadly, one of the problems with moving the equipment around, and doing something for “the first time” is that I make “first time mistakes” and this was no different.  I tried to use the Zoom H4 recorder, but ran out of room.  Luckily we caught it early, but sadly you will hear the difference.

Let us know what you think of the podcast, though, and please, share it with your friends!


    Live From Penn State
    WINDOWS TIP: Spread a Windows desktop image across two monitors:
  • Follow these steps in to display a large image across multiple monitors:
  • Right click on the background and select Personalization.
  • Click on Desktop Background
  • Select a background image that is at least as wide as the combined resolution of both of your monitors. For Example, I have two 19� monitors that have a resolution of 1280×1024. I need an image of 2560×1024 or greater so that it can be displayed across both monitors.
  • Next, this is the step that most users would never even think about trying: Select the Tile picture positioning option as shown below. This is the only option that will display your background image across multiple monitors.
    • Like Peanut Butter and chocolate, these are two great things that are better together. Here’s what is great:
    • Get a Google Voice account and number
    • Pay $30 (for one year) to get a “skype IN” phone number
    • now add that number to your Google voice number. Now people calling your google voice can reach you on Skype (if you want them to.)
    • EVEN MORE powerful: For another $30/year you can get “skype OUT” and make unlimited calls to REAL numbers in the US and Canada. But it gets BETTER:
    • In the SKYPE application, set your caller-ID number to your Google number. Then the only number people will see if your GVoice #.
    • By doing this, you add another way to receive calls, but still only have to give out one number. Sweet, eh?

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