Real Tech for Real People Ep 53 — Obeying Moore’s Law

    This week Tony and I tackle the big issue:  Should broadband pricing obey the law?  Yes, some have argued that broadband pricing is in violation of the law–and we rip that idea apart.
    In addition, Tony shares his thoughts comparing his iPhone 4 to his newly purchased Samsung Captivate.  It’s Android vs iOS.  Certainly a don’t miss episode!


Amazon takes aim at iPad in the sun. Snarky?

HP Announces an Android Based Tablet (but it seems rather hamstrung)

Why isn’t the pricing of Broadband obeying Moore’s Law?” The article title is a bit OTT, but the bottom line is quite interesting: Since the buildout is nearly complete, they author(s) argue that the revenue now is almost “pure profit.” Should we expect prices to come down? Or are they displaying a common misperception of economics, assuming that there is a relationship between “cost” and “Price” (there isn’t.)


Photo: Just for fun (or is it Phun?) you can get make an overlay to put on your (i)Phone to make it look like a camera. So now, it really CAN be a camera! (or just go to step 7 and download one…) http://content.photojojo.com/diy/make-your-phone-look-like-a-camera/


Steve: TuneIn Radio for the Android
Tony:  TWIT for iPad


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