Military Pay Impacted by Congress’ failures

Yup. It’s official. If Congress doesn’t pass a spending bill that the President can sign, your US Air Force service members, and Department of the Air Force civilians, will have a cut in pay. This is required because the Air Force redirected their funds from their own accounts to those of their sister service, the US Army, to ensure the Army has the funds necessary to enable them to complete their mission in Iraq. Say what you will about the US Military, but they understand the need for sacrifice, and they understand the importance of meeting the mission, and the objectives. The Air Force is “stepping up” to the responsibility.

Obviously, Congress needs to play politics. It’s what they do. But they need to stop playing politics with the lives, and the livelihood of the Men and Women who (the case of servicemembers) are putting their lives at risk to defend our freedoms. I encourage all of you to let your representatives know that you support our troops! Tell Congress that it’s their turn to “step up” and behave responsibly.