Jesus in the Floor Boards – Manifestation


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Well, I thought I was losing my mind, but after several months of staring at the floorboards in the bathroom, I finally said to my wife and son, “well, I may be crazy, but has anyone else ever seen, in the floorboards of the bathroom–”

And my son interjected “The face of Jesus!?”

Had me wondering. I mean, if the Virgin Mary can appear in a piece of toast, whose to say Jesus wouldn’t want to appear in a hardwood floor? Besides, one would expect the wood to have a longer “shelf” life than toasted bread!

Well, yes, that is exactly what I thought it was as well. What do you all think? (click on the image to see a larger view)

Jesus 2nd Pic smaller

Do you think this is a “sign”? Perhaps it helps the sale value of the house! A pilgrimage?

The Prof


10 thoughts on “Jesus in the Floor Boards – Manifestation

  1. Are you sure this isn’t some mugshot of a serial killer? Besides…. as Eddie Izzard mentions in his stand-up… in Jesus’ time it was a big beard era. This beard is pretty ‘clean shaven’ in comparison. And besides…. jutting under the left side of the chin (as you look at it) – the line that feeds into the ‘oval-esque’ dark spot – isn’t that a phone mic? You sure this isn’t some hippy baby boomer w/a phone headset? Just wondering

  2. Yes, it does have a likeness to Jesus. If it is it will certainly help sell your house…
    How many drinks had you had when you discovered this phenomenon?

  3. I clearly see Jesus in the wood… I would definitely include that as the main selling point of your home. The hair, eyes, nose, beard, and neck are very easy to see.

  4. I call dibs on the t-shirt and knick-knack vending. I’ll call the family priest and get the holy water blessed!

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