Talkshoe, Anyone?

Tommy Vallier from Talkshoe is giving a presentation on how to get started with TalkShoe.

What is TalkShoe? Enables anyone to create, join or listen to LIVE, Interactive, podcasts… (and is a local Pittsburgh PA Company!) For those that listen to the most popular podcaster today (Leo Laporte) he uses this for many of his podcasts, most noteably, Net@Night with Amber McArthur.

  • Podcast
  • live audio streaming
  • live chat
  • takes CALLS

Who is using TalkShoe? Talkcasters. I mentioned Leo and Net@Night (id 3185), but also

  • Geeza (live commentary DVD viewing… Wow!) (talkshoe ID 8230)
  • Scott and Kris – The Power Hour, they are comics writers (talkshoe id 5809)
  • Bill Alexander – The NETIO Show (id 1832) He broadcasted last night at the restaurant!
  • Cliff Ravenscraft – (is 5138)
  • Adam Christianson – The Maccast (id 17436)
  • The Grasshoppers (id 43023) Chris Brogan runs this one! People helping people! How cool!)
  • Tech Podcasts Roundtable (id 3254)

So why do TalkShoe he asks?

  • Connect with audience
  • Format change
  • meet people with common interests (miniatures? Doll Houses?)
  • form friendships
  • content that lasts
  • build communities
  • have fun!

HOW do we do this?

  • Sign up (user ID, Pin, and install the software)
  • Click “Create” button…
  • Call In to the show…
    • With Skype (using skypeOut)
    • VOIP (SJ Phone, Gizmo Project)
    • ShoePhone (Talkshoe’s built in VOIP)
    • POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service!)
  • Click on Record.

It’s that simple.

How much does it cost?

$0.00 (And that is in Canadian dollars… the conversion to Euros is… 0.00)

In FACT they PAY you–$50 for the first 10 episodes, and pay per download after that. How cool is THAT?

NEXT RELEASE: Codename: “Tokyo” ETA 10 Sept 07


How cool is this? My son and I are thinking it might be a great way to make our football conversations a bit more interactive, and get more people involved. Really helps us connect with the audience. That CAN’T be a bad thing!

How can I use this in education? Imagine a “virtual study group” hosted through podcast–where students can call in and ask questions, and the professor can answer.

How about a call in show to leaders in Supply Chain? Wouldn’t you love a chance to pick the brains of the movers in logistics and supply chain?

Again, how cool…


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