Our little girls…

While I have, at times, sparred with Dean Dad over at the Community College Dean’s blog, I must say today’s blog brought back so many wonderful memories of my children when they were young.   It’s great to read about the fun a Dad and Daughter can have.

At the end, he writes that it will be a great memory for when he “won’t know anything, and she’ll greet me with a roll of the eyes and a contemptuous ‘Da-a-ad.'”

I am quite fortunate.  Perhaps I am simply blessed with great short term memory, but my kids have never truly treated me that way.  We had a great time when they were little, and while at times I am reminded I am not needed as often, they still make time for Dad, and for Mom.

Go read Dean Dad’s post.  Enjoy it.  Tell him you heard about him from here.  And go–make your own great memories with YOUR kids.

(and, if you want to learn a bit more about my relationship with my son, go check out our blog  and podcast, at the Father Son Chats.)


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