Will we ever talk supply chain?

Now, for those of you that wonder when, if ever, I will talk about Supply Chain issues on this blog, let’s make this more of an ongoing discussion.

Obviously I have had an interest lately in fuel economy, and alternatives to the status quo. These are not driven simply by an altruistic vision of the future, but by rather practical personal and business considerations. Considerations that one can see in the supply chain. That said, I would like to invite your thoughts, in more of a conversational vein.

Perhaps you can share your thoughts on the impacts on supply chains of:

  • Local food producers gaining a foot-hold in the market
  • higher fuel prices as driven by crude oil prices
    • Consider off-shoring in this discussion. Labor prices drive production off-shore. Will fuel prices bring them back?
  • alternative, native-grown fuel sources
  • transportation routes devoted to moving crude oil
  • transportation networks designed to move grains and grasses
  • Economic impact of alternative fuel sources
    • If demand for fuel shifts to biomass, what would the impact be on crude oil prices?

I would recommend that you also visit the blog of “Imperfect Mommy” specifically where she outlines the benefits of local eating.

I look forward to reading your thoughts.