Right Wing Bullies Redux

The trap was set (by the Demmicans), was fully entered (by the Republicrats), sprung, and now we all get to watch.

It has been High-Larious watching the Surprise, Shock, and Outrage! at the Scurrilous Left-Wing Dominated MSM (TM) for daring to issue a negative (albeit only from a certain viewpoint?) “smear” story about candidate McKooky.

Surprise?  Get a clue.

Shock?  You ain’t seen nothing yet (pinata in a bat factory).

Outrage?  Take a chill pill and get over it.  Don’t be mad at the pain you feel after poking yourself in the eye with a sharp stick.  As “Dr. Laura” reminds women complaining about their abusive/unloving/ne’er do well husbands:  “YOU PICKED HIM!”

 I am getting a lot of amusement out of watching the ObamaNation though.  He just did a SRO rally in Dallas yesterday.  He got 3+ minutes of wild cheering and applause (with appropriate level of shrieking and swooning) just for BLOWING HIS NOSE!  I’m not kidding- his biggest cheer line was when he literally “hocked a loogie.”  Fabulous.  We are living in 1931 Germany.

 the other steve 


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