Humor, and Grace…

I like Huckabee, and after much thought, I have decided I will be voting for Mike come our primary, even if his nomination becomes a “mathematical impossibility.” Why? Well, I do believe in miracles (nod–Katherine Kuhlmann). But also, I believe a primary should be the event where we register what, and who, we really want for and in a President.

That said, enjoy the following clip from YouTube and Saturday Night Live.


One thought on “Humor, and Grace…

  1. Hmmm . . . we could take the “I Like Ike” buttons from the Eisenhower campaign, and with a Sharpie, oh never mind!

    You can tell I m not enthused about the current Republican “soon to be nominee.” There were (are) better choices out there. Vote for Mike knowing that for you at least, principles are more important than “going along to get along.”

    Looks like I will personally be voting third party again.

    Which raises an interesting point: Who would *you* like to see as a viable third party alternative to the establishment candidate?

    Huckabee? Thompson? Powell? Rice? Gingrich?

    the other steve

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