Star Trek Closing?

Well, not all of Star Trek, as any good fan will tell you.  The new movie is “just around the corner.”  But a small part of Star Trek heaven will be.  “Star Trek: The Experience” will be closing September 1st, according to Wil Wheaton (whom you, dear reader, may recall was “Wesley Crusher” on ST:TNG).

I haven’t been to Vegas in years, and when I was there, it was only for a lay-over at the airport.  Now after reading Wil’s description of Star Trek: The Experience at the Hilton, I find myself wishing I had one more chance to go.  (I can’t help but wonder if the thought to visit crossed my brother’s mind during his recent whirlwind tour of Vegas.)  Of course his description of the experience is amazing, and comes from the perspective of one who has been “there” and longed for “there” to perhaps have been real.  But what is most touching is when he writes

I have an epiphany.

Until this moment, all I have been able to remember is the pain that came with Star Trek. I’d forgotten the joy.

I suspect that every fan has a story of how Star Trek touched them.  Only no story in quite so special a way.

Oh, and if you want to follow Wil Wheaton, he is on Twitter as wilw.


One thought on “Star Trek Closing?

  1. Some of my earliest meomories are of watching Star Trek* with my older brother and his friends (on a black and white [Motorola?] piece of furniture that also served as a Major Piece of Furniture).

    Quickly spiraled into Bradbury, Asimov, etc. . .


    * (no deep nothin, no generations, just The Real Star Trek)

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