Tiny Houses–how cool!

“Tumbleweed Tiny House Company” sure has a great idea.  The founder started living in “tiny houses” for many reasons, including reducing any negative impact on the environment.  This may not be for everyone, but for those of you that don’t have large families, or large lifestyles, this might be just the ticket!

Actually, this is one of those great ideas for a “get away special” at a lake, or campsite.  Note that the houses are actually (apparently) on trailers (at least, they have wheels) so this is quite a luxurious camper setup.  And no worrying about resettling when you change jobs.  So long as you don’t move someplace off the continent, you should be “good to GO!”

Definitely check out the “Tumbleweed Tiny House Company” Video tour.


3 thoughts on “Tiny Houses–how cool!

  1. Ya know, I hve always looked at modern-day garden sheds and thought “Hmmm,with some insulation and a dropped ceiling . . . !”

    Perfect for deercamp/lakehore retreat . . .

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