A Background–In Science!

For some reason I get a NaturalNews emailed newsletter, full of crack-pot ideas about food, and medications.  I went to read a story about diabetic care INCREASING the risk of death due to heart disease (go read the article.  It actually is quite good, and the conclusion is accurate. There were significant methodological flaws–just not the ones they report.)

What I thought was really interesting was this description about the author:

“Helmut Beierbeck has a science background and a strong interest in all scientific aspects of health, nutrition, medicine, weight loss, or any other topic related to wellness.” (emphasis added)

What does “has a scientific background” mean?  Sounds quite vague to me.  English major who took more than the minimum courses for a BA in LA?  One (or both) parents were scientists? He can spell science?  Knows Bill Nye?

But I suppose I should listen to him.  He has the “Background.”

Reminds me of that old Public Radio show, “Ask Dr Science” where they botch science, but he has cred.  Why? “I have a Master’s Degree–IN SCIENCE!”

The only real difference is, Ask Dr Science is intended to be funny.  NaturalNews just is…