Banana Crepes Chantilly from the Magic Pan

As I mentioned, the Magic Pan post I wrote back in January 2008 seems to have drawn daily interest.  It was even cited in WIkipedia! (How cool is that?)

Given that so many people wanted recipes (and @melanig from twitter wanted vegetarian!) I have putting up yet another recipe. (see post here for basic crepe recipe!)

Magic Pan Banana Crepes Chantilly

You take a fresh crepe, and spread it with apricot jam. Then you slice one
banana (just ripe, not mushy), carefully toss the slices with a little brown
sugar and sweet vermouth, and let them steep for a couple of minutes. You lay the
steeped banana slices in a line across the middle of the crepe, blanket the
line in whipped cream, and then flap the crepe edges one over the other around
the puffy line of bananas and whipped cream. Finally, you dust the outside of
the rolled crepe with powdered sugar, top it with another dollop of whipped
cream, top the dollop of cream with toasted slivered almonds and maybe a banana
slice and a mint sprig.