PODCAST: Students and Civil Liberties

This podcast took off from a conversation a few of us were having in Twitter.  Cumberland Valley High School was having another “non-emergency lock down” so that police could conduct another drug-dog sweep.  I started asking in Twitter what people thought of locking 2600 students in their classrooms to find (what has historically been) 15 students with illicit drugs in their lockers.  Given that we are constrained to 140 characters per “tweet” you can imagine the limitations we felt in our conversation. So… I asked..
“Should we podcast?”

Dominic Salvucci and Jimbo Lamb both thought it was a good idea, and we set a time, and the podcast proceeded from there!

It turns into a discussion about technology in the classroom, and we are setting stage for further discussions on technology, and how we introduce and allow students to use technology.

Let us know what you think in the comments here, and if you want to join us in a podcast, let us know!



One thought on “PODCAST: Students and Civil Liberties

  1. There is so much potential for discussion here. I always marvel at the different points of view, especially held by young people, with regard to privacy. It would be interesting to compare cyber privacy with “real world” privacy. In other words, many students are happy to openly share everything they do online. Are the same students just as comfortable with random searches of locker and/or personal property? Do they see a difference? If so, how do they view the difference?

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