Star Trek… Podcasts and Fan Fiction

While I am on the Star Trek kick, I thought I would share with you all some great Fan Fiction.

I enjoy listening to podcasts (and producing them, as you all know!)  I have been finding there are some really good fan fiction productions out there.  I will point to some others soon, but I wanted to share with you two from “Darker Projects” productions.

The first is “Star Trek:  Lost Frontier.”  True to the name of the production house, this is a “darker” series.  From their site:

Star Trek: Lost Frontier is a look at a dark time in the future of Star Trek. It is the dawn of the 25th century and the galaxy is coming-out of a period of great war. The story of Lost Frontier focuses on the crew of the new Enterprise F as they go forth to unite the lost worlds of the Federation.

I have enjoyed listening to these, and find their stories to be quite captivating.  That said, it is fan fiction, and there are at times bouts of over (and under) acting, and awkward uses of special effects and sounds, but you know what?  That’s what makes it special.  It’s a labor of love.  I especially enjoy the way they have turned the series into a serial, complete with resolution and new cliff-hangers!

In addition, they have created a “spin off” series based on a “secret” group first introduced I believe in Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  The secret group “Section 31” moves from the shadows to a full-fledged show in it’s own right with this podcast.  As they describe it:

Space is dark. Let’s face it.The universe of shiny, well-groomed Starfleet officers and the pristine starships of the United Federation of Planets where the Prime Directive rules and hopes for galactic unity of all species is an ongoing quest is reinterpreted in our vision of the reality of the Star Trek Universe. It’s not all “let’s be friends with our alien brethren”. Here the Federation has a dark underbelly and the daring crew of the Nosferatu boldly goes where Starfleet fears to tread.

These are desperate times.
We are the desperate measure.

And finally, the full length VIDEO episode  of Star Trek the New Voyages.  (great story, great special effects, and solid acting).  This is just my first find in this realm of (relatively High) quality video fan fiction.  It is truly amazing what a few dedicated fans can accomplish with what I can assume is a limited budget, and a whole lot of heart!

I have found a few others, and will watch/listen to them, and then come back with more links, and reviews.

I hope you enjoy these pieces of fan fiction as much as I, and please, if you have any recommendations for podcasts, please pass them on to me (here in the comments would be fine!)


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