It’s Coming…

The JJ Abrams view of the Star Trek world is coming.  Obviously there is much anticipation among the “trekkie” and the “Trekker” worlds (You do know the difference, right? *wink*)  This movie takes a look at the original ST screw, but before they were in ST:TOS.   A young Kirk, and Spock, and Scotty, etc.

In just looking at the stills released on the site, I have to say, the actors have the mannerisms down.  The Dr McCoy character looks the part, and I would swear that the Chekov actor has to be the son (or some other close relative) of Walter Koenig. (For grins, go watch Walter Koenig in a 1965 Gidget!)

Anyway–now *I* have a movie to look forward to!


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