Obama as Messiah?

Apparently the Telegraph thinks so.  I saw this on Google, and was struck by the “halo effect” that seems to be following Obama:

Obama Christ on Google News

It was interesting.  I went to the story that went with the photograph (you see it has the Telegraph below it.)  The story didn’t actually have that photograph.  But the photo was available on their site at this location, and is in larger for here:

The Obama Christ

For most of you art afficianados out there, you will (hopefully) draw parallels to religious iconography through the ages.  How often have we seen Jesus the Christ, and the Saints, and other “Holy People” portrayed with halos?

Accident?  Subtle message?
Either way, it was off the Google news page half way through writing this.


3 thoughts on “Obama as Messiah?

  1. . . . at least he isn’t using the Official Office of the President Elect seal anymore . . .

    [Q: How do you get a rich liberal to pay taxes?
    A: Appoint them to a cabinet position]

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