One thought on “ Trivia Tidbit Of The Day: Part 271 — Happiness.

  1. A decent income, a sunny home in the suburbs, with a spouse, a church home, and conservative Republican politics.

    Well, since I have never been anything other than Rep., I can not really say if that is true. But I can see why one thinks that…

    Maybe because their ‘negative’ thinking comes from the fact they think they have soo many problems and whose fault those problems are by. By not taking responsiblity, how can one fix ones problems? I think some people want others to fix their problems for them, like the government.

    Maybe Rep. look more towards helping themselves and solving their own problems:
    Want a decnt income = go to college (not b*tch about how one can’t find a decent job)
    lonely and want company (more than just ‘One-nighters’ on the town) = go out and find the person who will help you become happier
    if one still has problems= they see turning to God, who is much more understanding than anyone I know, to help work out ones stones blocking happiness
    having ones own standards and firm beliefs by being conversative = tells one when you have reached your goals and when you are happy.

    Yet, anyone can be unhappy but only they can fix it… if they really wish to.

    Well, yes, I rambled on and not totally sure it makes sense. But… there you have it. Yes, it seems logical to me.

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