Win 7 (64 Bit) Day One. Video work.

After my trials and tribulations with installing Win 7 today I want to give the first “user” update.

Let me start by noting that while my son has been using a Beta version (and loving it) for about 6 months, I have not been using any variant of Win 7.  I have installed a copy as a virtual machine (that install went quickly) and even upgraded a virtual install of Vista to Win 7 (went cleanly, but by no means quickly.)  This is my first foray into using the OS, and I am diving in head first. [1. But not diving in blindly.  As noted in my previous posts, I wanted to set this up as a dual boot specifically to protect myself from any unforeseen “problems.”]

(Read my first reactions after the break)

As noted earlier, once I installed the device drivers the SATA card (that controls two of my hard drives) the install went smoothly, including recognizing all my “normal” device.

First things first, I immediately installed Google Chrome as my browser of choice, and then proceeded to use that browser to find and download various updates.

Next, I installed the drivers for my more “non-standard” items including the Alesis Multimix 8 Firewire, and the Linksys iPhone CIT200 (for Skype–and yes, it was iPhone first.)  I had to download the latest drivers for each (a good idea anyway) and they both seem to be working well.

I installed Skype, and tested that out with the Alesis mixer by having my brother call me. That went well except after about a minute I could no longer hear him.  I am not sure what happened and have not been able to duplicate the problem so I am not sure if it was on my end or his. [2.  He was calling using Skype for the iPhone.  It sounded great, but the possibility always exists that the app stopped sending audio from his end.]

The big test for me was Adobe Production Studio Premium CS3 and Adobe Audition 3.0.  I needed to create a commercial for my son’s water polo match today, and so was going to put the packages to the test.  I was a bit nervous, since I had heard of problems previously with these applications in Vista 64 (they are older applications, and written for 32 bit.)  I deactivated the installs in my Vista partition, installed them in Win 7, and started using them.  I am happy to report that every program in CS3 that I have tried has so far worked well.  I have been able to import files, make edits and add effects, and with the video export in a variety of formats.  You can even see the results of the effort here.

One final note:  I used the Microsoft DVD Maker that is part of the Windows 7 install [3.  Well, you have to download it, along with all the other Microsoft Live Essentials–so those without broadband are at a disadvantage.]  I built the DVD and my son commented upon seeing the menu screen that it seemed very professional. (“That looks real!”)  I must say, the few minutes I spent with that tool showed me that it can be quick and simple to make a nice looking DVD.  A big improvement over Nero’s NeroVision DVD maker that I had been using (which was also quite easy to use.)

There are a number of other little programs that I also installed, and will be writing more about those as I put them through their paces over the next few days, getting ready for the Windows 7 Launch Party I am hosting.


One thought on “Win 7 (64 Bit) Day One. Video work.

  1. I upgraded a Vista 32bit laptop to a jWindows 7 64bit laptop on 10/17/09. I ran into two issues:

    1. The NVIDIA 8200M G driver needed updated. I downloaded the new driver while still on Vista. When I was ready load the new driver on Windows 7, it punted because I had downloaded a 64bit driver to a 32bit OS. It ended up not being a big deal because I just went to the NVIDIA site and downloaded the driver again
    2. The second issue was the 32 bit Symantec Endpoint Virus protection software. I upgraded to the 64 bit version once on Windows 7.

    Other than the two problems listed, it was an extremely smooth upgrade. It only took about 45 minutes to complete the whole uninstall of the old and reinstall of the new. I thought that this was extremely quick and there was hardly anything I was required to do except wait and enjoy an ice cold beverage.

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