Adam Baldwin–Blogs Worth Reading! (and he is on Twitter, @adamsbaldwin)

I wanted to take a few minutes and point out that Adam S Baldwin, actor, is also a blogger.  But not just any blogger.  He writes thoughtful, well argued pieces discussing politics, religion, and the human condition.  He does not write the usual “Hollywood blather” that would lead one to say “look at me I am___.”  He writes pointed critiques that challenge the status quo and the human condition.

His writing seems to make us say, instead “Look at yourself…. what are you?”

I am pleased that I have come across his blog (a direct result of his strong defense of Brit Hume against the attacks of those who seem to hate Christians, and Christianity.)  I would encourage any of you that want to be challenged in your thinking, whether you disagree or agree with his positions, to read him regularly.


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