» Can you hear me now? Big Brother is listening | Threat Chaos | ZDNet.com

» Can you hear me now? Big Brother is listening | Threat Chaos | ZDNet.com

Okay, so now we are told that virtually everything that travels over the US communication network gets shunted to the NSA. Now, I am a bit concerned about this, as I am sure most Americans are, and I want to get your opinions about this. How do you feel about the NSA sorting through billions and billions of emails and texts a day? Do you feel it is a blatant violation of your rights, or do you believe that they can’t be doing too much with the data, or they would have to hire every person in the nation to evaluate it?

I can hear now the cries that this is another example of the Bush Administration’s blatant disregard for personal freedoms. Hey, it *might* be true, but there have been concerns about the NSA’s listening techniques long before this Bush Administration. Does no one remember the book “Puzzle Palace?”

Anyway–let me (and the other readers) know what you think about this topic!


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  1. well, it oculd be possible that they are shunting these lines of communication but I would think only key terms are being searched for or certain people (be it competition or etc.) I really don’t think they care what i say in emails or im or calls… if they think they can get blackmail against me, let them try. I’m broke. lol… if they are interested, then they are bored and must have gotten a good laugh..lol… anyways, i would have to think whatever they are using to hold the data is ‘washed’ every few days/week to put new data on.

  2. I love the government. I love the United States…Ok. The NSA has a great website where even kids can learn about the mission for the National Security Agency (www.nsa.gov). There is a really cute rat – for the kids – her name is Joules, she will navigate you through the website. I find it funny that immediately the NSA starts discussing the 4th amendment and privacy. The missions are secret and the citizens don’t know what they are doing but per the constitution they are not invading our privacy. Addressing the privacy issues on their website makes me feel a whole lot better – I am safe (insert sarcastic smiley face here).

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