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A few thoughts to bring this blog up to speed.

First, I want to recommend that you go read about the $30,000 toothbrush. Okay, so the toothbrush itself didn’t cost that much, but failing to fulfill a simple promise (you know the one “if you forgot a basic toiletry item we will bring one right up to you!”) resulted in a very expensive negative consequence.1 There you will also find my comments on what a company should do to turn this whole thing around.

Second, I wanted to point out that you can see what I am finding interesting by looking for my tags at If you don’t want to go there on your own, just click on the information on the bottom right of this blog.

Third, I would encourage many of you to not only write to me, but please, let’s start some conversations here! I appreciate the emails (Thanks, Ryan!) but much of what you guys write would be interesting to all. So Mike, Ryan, and the rest of you–engage!  Also, if you like the podcasts, and want to contribute or be a “guest contributor” let me know.  I can set up a telephone “interview!”

Finally, some tidbits of interest:

  • iPhone release date June 29th. Any of you getting one?
  • HTC Announces their new “touch phone”
  • Hugo Chavez, Poster Child of the Anti-War left,2. is facing uprisings and chastisement for shutting down the free press. And the US Liberals say BUSH is against Free Speech?  What TV or radio stations has he shut down?  Or better yet–do you know of any blogs the Bush White House has shutdown?
  • In case you missed it, Fred Thompson is moving towards running for President.  So far he is my guy and apparently many others.  Hey, he OWNED Michael Moore. You gotta love THAT (and hat tip to John C. Dvorak, of

Well, there you have em.  A few tidbits.  Let me know what you think!

The Professor

1. An interesting aside: Just a few weeks ago, I stopped at a hotel because I was just too tired to continue. I didn’t have a toothbrush. I called. I was told to come down to the desk to pick it up. So, in my case I would have gotten the free toothbrush, but it wasn’t as convenient as the promise on the card. At least the Hampton Inn hotel is honest. Their card says “Come down to the desk to pick up…”

2. And going back to that reference from the left, Fleshy then wrote “the reputation and influence of the United States has been reduced to nothing more than that of a common street bully.” Hmmm… Isn’t a Bully someone who forces you to do something you don’t want to do? Sounds more like Chavez than Bush.


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