Audio Books–do you listen? or “Can you hear me now?”

A recent annoucement caught my eye.  Mashable ran a story highlighting a new company,, that will be following the “subscription” model that music has been using: making their full library available for a monthly fee.  This is in contrast to the model that uses (Leo LaPorte’s often hawked preference) in which you buy monthly credits, that can be applied for books that you will then own in perpetuity (but the credits expire after 6 months if not used.)

from the article:

For $24.95 a month, the service will give users unlimited access to its library of 11,000 audio books through its website and an HTML5 mobile app.

Though Amazon-owned competitor Audible has a monthly membership, it relies on a credit system that give users access to a certain number of books per month depending on the fee. Audiobooks is the first service we can find that is streaming books using a monthly model.

I am intrigued–and I started to wonder how many people actually listen.  Please take the time to fill out my survey, I would love to know what your preferences are!


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