Nissan’s Commercial–Not the Message the Intended

Hopefully you have all seen this commercial by now.  I want you to watch it closely, and really think about what you first think (or thought) when you see it.  Does it really sell the car?

Watch the video (and read MY thoughts) after the break:

When I first saw this commercial I was cheering!  You see, the largest contributor to greenhouse gases are the power generating plants–the ELECTRIC plants.  They contribute more than all the cars in the nation–combined.  So I saw the commercial as pointing out that, while we think we are “being green” using electronic devices.  I thought the message was, while we aren’t the “point source” of pollution, we are still polluting.

But NOOOOOooo.  The message is: Drive an electric car.  That somehow taking the cars off the road will be better.

The real message?  “Out of Sight, Out of Mind.”


One thought on “Nissan’s Commercial–Not the Message the Intended

  1. There’s a “softer” version of this commercial in Europe: all the machines pictured are smaller, and no one chokes on exhaust. It makes me sad when people think electric cars are so much better for the environment, ignoring the fact that SOMETHING has to make the electric car go!

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